Atypik Street Culture Party

Underground Party 24 September 2016

Summer’s ending and you surely wouldn’t let it end without a good damn underground party, aren’t you?

We’re waiting for you to join our underground revival in Eternalcity Brewing, a gigantic brewery placed in Rome.

There’ll be LOTS of artisanal beer, brewed for the occasion and offered to you in our ATPK shiny glasses.

To please our ears while drinking beers, the Sweat Drops will scratch some noise, and the explosive Whiteboy will rhyme live!

A park will be built and our skate, bmx and inline teams will be there, while Teddy Killer will write the spirit of the event on a wall. Join us, bring whatever you want to ride, and ride all night with music, art and beer!

For the event, ATPK will announce and present the new Fall/Winter Collection 2016!

Don’t miss the event! Prepare yourself!